Refund and returns terms and conditions

At Funky Cellar we sell perishable food and vintage goods as well as food served to be consumed on
the premises. These terms and conditions will highlight our policy for refund and returns.
As a common rule, items shall not be reimbursed or exchanged without the sale receipt. We can only
accept returns of faulty items based on the following conditions, no return for unwanted items shall
be accepted.
If you have asked your bank for a charge back no additional refund will come our way.
As a matter of good will and depending on the return conditions we may offer an exchange, a
voucher, or a refund.
Please note that you are protected by the Consumer Right Act 2015, as a well-versed buyer buying
items displayed in our shop you are buying items that you saw, and that are fit for the purpose
displayed or explained. Our staff are here to help you, never hesitate to ask questions about our
items and products so you know exactly what to expect.
Perishable goods
If you have bought perishable goods at Funky Cellar:
If the item is fit for its purpose and is not perished, we will not accept returns or refunds.
You may return perishable goods within 3 days of purchase. After this, no return or refund shall be
If the item you bought is perished, please bring it back to the shop, depending on the date showing
on your sale receipt a refund or replacement may be accepted.
If you bought a bottle of wine and the wine is corked, please return the bottle and if after
verification by a manager the bottle is indeed corked a refund or replacement shall be accepted.
Cheese is also one of our main products, if you buy your cheese knowing already what they smell
like and what they taste like that’s amazing you are a cheese expert!
However, if you buy cheese without knowing the taste of it please bear in mind that some cheeses
are very stinky, sticky, they can come in all shapes and colour. Our cheesemonger will be here to
help if you ask them about all the secrets of our cheeses.
Also please bear in mind that our cheese might come from freshly cut parts, so shell life is about 10
days. Our team works hard to control the temperature of our fridges every day and control the
quality of the cheeses on a daily basis.
If however your recently bought cheese is perished, or you think the taste is not normal please
return the cheese to the shop so we can check it out. No reimbursement or exchanges will be
accepted without the item returned and controlled.

Vintage goods bought in the premises:

Vintage goods are what they are: vintage! Meaning that the item is not new, has been used.
We might not know all the historic behind an item so please bear this in mind when buying
Our items are displayed in the shop, you can come at any time and as many times as you want to
check something you wish you buy. The item will be the one displayed in the shop, and as they are
second hand, they are satisfactory quality with normal vintage goods wear and tear.
Some electronic goods such as old phones or any other item working with battery or plug in system
may not work. If the item, you with to buy doesn’t work and is just for decoration the seller shall let
you know.
Return of vintage goods is possible for up to 14 days after the goods has been purchased if you
changed your mind. The goods must be in the exact same condition as when you bought it. Any
deterioration on the article will cancel the return.
If your item is in good condition once returned to the shop, your refund will be accepted. The refund
will be given on the same mean of purchase (same card payment is paid by card, cash if paid by

Food for consumption on the premises:

This one is pretty straight forward, if you think something is not right with your food after tasting it,
please ask the waiter.

Refund and returns terms and conditions
Refund and returns terms and conditions