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Brindisa Ortiz Prime Sardines "a la Antiqua"

Brindisa Ortiz Prime Sardines "a la Antiqua"

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Located on Spain's north coast, Conservas Ortiz have processed fish by artisan methods since 1891. All their sardines are sustainably fished.

Ortiz Sardines "a la Antiqua" are made to a 19th century recipe. Large plump sardines are fried in olive oil and hand packed (On average there are four per tin.)

These sardines are some of the very finest. Omega-3s rarely taste so delicious. Sardines "a la Antiqua" take pride of place in main course salads and make special tapas. 

You can even "lay down" a few tins. With sardines of this quality the flavour gets even better with time. Some people keep them for up to 10 years.

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